How to report ODSP Fraud

by Editor
(Special Need Child Canada)

Ontario Disability Support Program

Ontario Disability Support Program

Elsewhere on this site, people have taken it upon themselves to write in about people they claim are committing fraud using ODSP.

Now, here's the thing.

This site is NOT a pipeline to the government. :-)
So, you're wasting your time writing your story here.

Secondly, I strongly suggest that you think very carefully about accusing anyone of fraud - it is a serious issue.

And, it is highly unlikely that any of us knows the intimate ins and outs of another person's illness and capabilities - let alone know all the intricacies of ODSP regulations.

In other words, there is a high probability that what you think is ODSP fraud maybe isn't.

So really, really think twice before you judge others - after all acquiring a disability is an equal opportunity event.

One day it may be you that needs ODSP.

Then you would discover what a paltry and inadequate sum of money is provided by ODSP, and how horrendous all the requirements to prove need are.

And, you'd discover how judgmental people can be.


Having said all that, if you are convinced that you know of a fraud, then call the Ontario government directly.

Suspected cases may be reported by telephoning
1 (800)394-7867

As far as this site goes....
Any future stories about ODSP fraud on this site will be deleted, and authors may be banned....

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